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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Children's Pre-Easter Workshop

The St. Stephen's Undercroft was a busy place when the children gathered there for Easter preparations!

They created a Garden Tomb. Caitlin and Ricky are proud of their efforts.

The Tomb is populated with people and animals (some not native to the Holy Land but that's okay!)

The Easter Bunny hides in the tall grass!

Another task was making Hot Cross Buns. Caitlin rolls out the dough.

Katie and Kaela shape the buns.

Marking the buns with a cross.

Ice cream making was an important part of the day. Noah, Ricky, Mason, Caitlin and Katie roll the ice cream maker around the floor.

Dave and Noah decorate a bag to hold Easter Eggs.

The Easter Egg Hunt takes place after the service on Easter Day.

Photo credits: Daniel Welch, who was there the entire time, and Parish Blogger, who stopped in for a little while