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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sundae Sunday!

After carefully listening to feedback from various members of the parish and seeking a means to accommodate the most people for our end of the summer gathering, we are trying a “new” family friendly event for this year's parish picnic: Sundae Sunday. After today's service a “Sundae Smorgasbord” was presented--tables filled with ice creams, fresh fruit, toppings of all kinds and beverages.  It was a “make your own” extravaganza, with contests and prizes.

Self-serve ice cream
Lots of extras!
Contest categories

The prizes
Root beer float & ice cream sundae
Sr. Warden Katie writes down the guesses for M&Ms
The Answer: 751. Two winners!
Adult coloring!
Congratulations to prize winners Frank, Julie, Rick, Chris, Carol, & Dan!
Special thanks to Sabra & Dan & Lucinda!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Silent Auction Preview for July 23, 2016

Let the bidding begin! The list of items available at our Old Home Day Silent Auction on Saturday, Junly 23, with photos of some items posted below:

1              Tool Collection: Double Edged Saw; Red Wood Buck Saw; Short Handle Sickle (scythe)
2              Vintage Silver and Black Trunk
3              Set of Two 40 watt Gold and White Ceramic Lights
4              Framed Picture of Pittsfield, NH  1976 Reprint
5              Kenmore 1251 ZigZag Sewing Machine in Cabinet  $282 value
6              Wooden Holstein Cow Shaped Wall Plaque with Small 1983 Milk Container Plaque and    Wooden Caboose Wall Plaque
7              St. Francis Cement Statue
8              Pig Collection: Framed Pig Picture by St. Clair 1983; two Pig Statues and "Pigs" Postcards
9              Maroon Rooster Wooden Statue
10           Two Blue Plant Pots with Plant
11           Light green depression glass - pitcher, 2 ice cream glasses, two handle sugar dish, cup, bowl
12           Two piece set of carnival glass - pitcher and bowl
13           Collection: Three Blue/White Dishes: Rustic Gringley England Ceramic Bowl; Cornflower Wedgewood Bowl;  Vintage blue/white bowl
14           Floral Cruel Picture made by Connie Mitchell
15           Set of two antique pottery flower vases  (pink and yellow)
16           Dark Green Hobnail Glass Creamer and Sugar set
17           Set of Six Ltd. Edition Gorham Fine China Norman Rockwell Collector Plates from "The Expert Salesman" Series 1977-1980 with Walnut Frames
18           Two Leather Covered Storage Boxes
19           Ceramic Doll Collection: Porcelain Doll in Red Dress; Porcelain Doll in Sailor Dress; Doll in Pink Dress/Blue Sash
20           Mildred Sands Kartz Print
21           Collection: Four Piece Set of Salmon Falls Pottery - pitcher, pie plate, bowl, jug with Blue/Gray wall lamp
22           Set of two Blue Potter Thumb Handle Candle Stick Holders w/ 2 white candles
22           Antique Table
23           Governor Winthrop Mahogany Desk and Chair
24           Brassed Glass Lamp with Beige Dried Flower Shade
25           Vintage Harvard Coop Trunk
26           Impressions Blue Backed Quilted Table Cover/Lap Quilt     Square
27           Norman Rockwell  "Clown Runaway"  15x15" framed print on canvas
28           Two Hole Vintage Planter / Table
29           Hand Made Oak Wooden Box
30           Black/Tan Colonial Rocking Chair
31           Vintage Windsor Rocking Chair
32           Handmade Vintage Cotton Embroidery and Open Cut Table Cloth  62" x 80"
33           Natick Shoe Company Vintage Shoe Rack
34           Vera Bradley 4 piece Weekender Set
35           Hmong (Cambodian) Handmade purse with compartments with small pad and pen
36           Vintage Black Traveler Trunk
37           Laptop Computer Table on Wheels     brown/black
38           Rochelle Handcrafted Juvenile Solid Wood Heirloom High Chair, Chair Pads; and Foldable Childs Potty Chair
39           BBQ Basket and  Sauce Making Kit and Grillin Cook Book
40           Five Dansk Luncheon Plates in Fruit Pattern with set of four blue stenciled placemats and napkins
41           Bed Tray; Coalport "Ming Rose' cup/saucer and saucer plate: pink cream and sugar; green log dish; rose plate; tea: biscotti; and pink/blue casserole dish
42           New Cotton/Polyester Croscill Reverie Table Cloth  60 x 86" with set of twelve Rose permanent press napkins
43           Antique Pink and White Lamp
44           By the Pool Plastic Collection:  Eight Tall Glasses; 4 Stemmed Wine Glasses; Cracker Plate; Round Blue Fiberglass Serving Tray
45           Three Piece Earthenware Chip/Dip Dish Pink/Green
46           Michael G. Ringer Artist Proof  No 26 of 50 Print
47           Framed Photograph of Nibble Light with Lighthouse Painted on Slate
48           Bird Collection:  Tea Pot Style Hummingbird feeder; Bait Shop Bird House; Blue Bird House
49           Wedding Collection: Wedding Plate; Engraved Toast Glasses; Beaded Bag; Long White Cotton Gloves; Candles; Wedding Bag; Ring Carrier Doll
50           Japanese Brown/Green Dish Set for two
52           "The Pilot'  Acrylic on Canvas by Gerald Robillard  
53           Precious Moments "Friends Never Drift Apart"
54           Ladies Collection :  (6 pc) of Mary Kay items with Mary Kay Bag and Nature's Way Organic Laender Eye Pillow in basket with two J Jill scarfs
55           Lead Crystal Cut Crystal Frosted Vase Floral Arrangement
56           Flowers Fairies' Book with Two Ferry Dolls and Flower Book by Collette
57           Set of Two Clear Glass Double Candle Holders with Candle
58           Crystal Handled Dish with flowers
59           Authentic Hand Painting on Genuine Egyptian Papyrus Paper - Three Egyptian Kings with piece of pottery
60           Fall Collection: Set of four Fall Splendor Salad Plates; Green Wine Glasses; Napkins; Napkin Rings
61           Large Light Blue Blown Glass Covered Dish
62           Alfred Meakin (England) Covered Butter Dish
63           Dark Amber Covered Dish
64           Four Tickets to Boston Red Sox/NY Yankees Game 9/18/16   Grandstand 11 Row 10 Seats 15-18
65           Golf Gift Certificate to Nippon Lake Golf Club
66           Golf Gift Certificate to Rochester Country Club
67           Hannaford Gift Card $50   6006397000025188519
68           Hannaford Gift Card $50   6006397000025188600
69           The Wild Rover Restaurant & Pub $25 Gift Card  3046
70           The Wild Rover Restaurant & Pub $25 Gift Card  3047
71           The Wild Rover Restaurant & Pub $25 Gift Card  3048
72           The Wild Rover Restaurant & Pub $25 Gift Card  3049
73           Yoga Gift Certificate, Bag, and Mat
74           Vintage Coffee Table with Leather Inserts
75           Bake Collection: Two 9" round cake pans; Square Glass Cake Dish; Cookie Sheet; Glass Loaf Pan; Jell-O Molds; Aluminum Cake Pans; Pyrex Pie Plates; Cake Decorations, Two Pot Holders in  handmade pine box
76           Handmade Pine Bench by Daniel Welch   #1
76a         Handmade Pine Bench by Daniel Welch  #2
77           Pink/white Hand Painted Glass Candy Basket with Vintage Pink Flowered Table Cigarette Lighter
78           Pressed Glass Pedestal Cake Plate with Clear Dome Cover
79           Framed Goose Print by Tony Diodati
80           Set of Two Nao by Llardo  Figurines "Boy With Sling Slot" and 'Girl with Butterfly"  
81           Goose Wall Plaque with Goose Kitchen Towel Bar
82           NH League of Arts Blown Blue Glass Lamp w/hand made shade
83           Glass Four Slot Vegetable and Silver Covered Glass Dip Dish
84           Set of Two - Lazy Susan - Silver with Glass inserts with Vegetable Dip Dish
85           Doll House Furniture Collection: Two Rooms of Doll House Furniture (Bathroom & Bedroom); Miniature Picnic Table; Black Rocking Chair; Caroline Ltd. Ed. Statue
86           Fruit, Butterfly 'n Berry Collection: Salt 'n Pepper; Sugar Bowl; Casseroles; Gravy Boat; Vases; Mugs, Strawberry Decoration
87           Thomas Kinkaid Framed Print -Split Rock Light
88           Miniature Cast Iron Wood Stove with pots, trivet and flat iron
89           Set of Two Pampered Chef Baking Dishes -  Mini and Large Bundt  with Muffin Cookbook
90           Set of Three French White Corningware Covered Casserole Dishes with Vegetable Cookbook
91           Covered Aluminum Insulated Ice/Casserole Dish
92           Japanese Collection:  Outfit - Pants, Dress, Coat; framed Japanese Samurai Silk Bag, Dishes; Bird Picture; Green jar and Bird Picture
93           Kitchen Collection: Waring Kitchen Mates Food Chop, Mix, Whip and Puree Machine; George Foram Grill; Sunbeam Five Speed Electric Mixer; Electric Coffee Grinder; Magic Chef Mini Food Processor; Euro Food Chopper Chopper
94           Large Wine Corker
95           Set of 5 Cutco Knifes with Hanging Case and a Willmott 14" Wooden Cutting Board
96           Halloween Basket
97           International Collection: Coppered Tin Plate Small Carved Pitcher; Small Wood Framed Mexican Villa Picture, Saxon Cottages; Cottage Picture; Head Sculpture; Mexican Scarfs; Alkmaar Plaque; Two Cups; Burns Cottage
98           Stencil Craft Basket
99           Pasta Collection: Bowl; Apron; Oils; Pasta
100         Stool with rush seat
101         Baby Collection:  Gund Blue Teddy Bear; Green Wagon, Baby Blue Fleece , Mary Meyer Gray Mouse
102         Linnea Rag Doll with change of clothes, and Linnea' Almanac
103         Handmade Quilted for Hanging or Table Scarf  -Red/Blue/Green  Flowers
104         Small Quilt for Hanging   beige/brown/blue print
105         Set of two Twin Size Woven Cloth Blue/Cream Bed Covers
106         Antique Hand Made Quilt  - Lap Sized
107         Cream Backed Full Sized Quilt with two matching pillows
108         Full Sized Quilt - Red and Brown tones
109         Wenger Genuine Swiss Army Watch
110         Golfer Collection:  Set of Castle Bay Golf Club Covers; Box of Titleist Golf Balls; Wildwood Resort Golf Shirt; White Sports Glove; Putter Cover; Mug with Golf Tees; Mini Golf Book
111         Vintage Oak Shoe Shine Box
112         Cannon EOS 600 Camera with 300EZ Flash and carrying case
113         Panasonic Digital Camcorder 1000x with case
114         Sony Video Camera Recorder Hi8 Handycam
115         TomTom XL Nagavation Device
116         Elite Binoculars in Leather Case
117         Beach Collection:  Tote; Two Beach Towels; Red Hydro Ball; Paddle Set; Magic Fish Bowl 
118         Bed Set: Gray Duvet Cover with Pillows, Pillow Sham, Pillow Cases and Mattress Pad
119         Vintage Lincoln Logs in plastic bin






Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Sunday 2016: Celebration of Holy Baptism & a Loving Farewell to our Rector

Flowering bulbs and lilies decorated the altar

On Easter Sunday, the large congregation at St. Stephen's were witnesses and supporters at Katrina's baptism, a joyful occasion.

Katrina's baptism

We also celebrated, with joy, the 9-year ministry of The Rev. Curtis Metzger as Rector. We send him to the North Country with love and the gift of a new stole in Advent blue, as a remembrance and a thank-you.

A new blue stole for Fr. Curtis

The children of the parish receive pansies every Easter

After the service, we went down the block to Jitters Cafe for a party in honor of Katrina, and a chance to say farewell to Fr. Curtis.

The celebration
Katrina received a Faith Chest from our parish, filled with items, cards, and best wishes to accompany on her faith journey.

And we had cake!

Here is Fr. Curtis's message to the parish:

St. Stephen's Beloved,

Today we baptize Katrina! I hope you use it as a time to renew your baptismal vows also. At our baptism we are welcomed into the family of God and given the gift of the Holy Spirit. Part of this gift means that God is constantly developing us as ministers--the 'ministry of the baptized,' the 'priesthood of all believers' we call it in the church.

In this last Easter message as your pastor I want to encourage you to continuously find your ministry, offer it to God, and celebrate it in your life. As time goes by different ministries will emerge; and if our ears are tuned to the Holy Spirit we will hear those calls and move boldly into those areas where God is calling us. In this world of ours do you really doubt that each of us who are called by his name are not desperately needed in whatever God has given us to do? Every gift, every ministry is needed...and here at St. Stephen's we have an abundance of gifts and ministry. Celebrate them and in each other!

Several years ago I wrote this little Easter poem. I share it with you again today...

Happy Easter!

Fr. Curtis


Dear God,
Life is full of woe,
If it were no ttrue,
I'm sure you would have told me so,
And yet it hurts, and shadows swirl around,
Sometimes death seems always at the door...
Friends and family, dreams and hopes,
                   love and laughter and light,
The turning of the seasons,
                   and the coming of the night.
But in the morning you started a fire,
That thousands of firefighters can never put out,
Because it fell inside of us--YOU fell inside of us,
It isn't hot, or spicey-full-of-heartburn,
But tickles and makes us laugh and smile,
And snicker and chuckle and belch out little sparks.
So the burning holy laughter spread,
And we get the joke that Jesus knew,
Who had the last laugh--
Those tickling sparks of fire are never bound,
By simple flesh and bone, or closed within the ground!

                                    ---The Rev. Curtis E. Metzger

And in the evening came the following message:

St. Stephen's Beloved,

The evening of the Resurrection. A last epistle. How can I say thanks or give thanks to God for such a wonderful service this morning and a wonderful community of faith for 9+ years?! The baptism of Katrina was such a wonderful way to round out my service to you and with you....welcoming a new member to the 'household of faith'! Your words of grace and thanksgiving to and about each other were what our Lord spoke of when he said that we would be known by our love for each other.

Your gifts and words and cards were so wonderful and deeply appreciated....even by snow birds so far away! The blue stole was beautiful and I can promise you that when I wear it I will not be 'blue', but thinking of you with joy and gratitude!

Though the frequency of seeing each other will definitely be the cost of this parting, we know that we are still brothers and sisters in the diocese of N.H., and in the Kingdom of God. I will always know you and think of you as 'the little church with the big heart'!

Return now to the place where God has given you responsibility.
Remember the peace and love we have celebrated. And do not fail to show to all people the new life that is already among us.
Have courage. Hold on to what is good.
Return no one evil for evil.
Strengthen those who fail.
Support the weak, and honor all life.
And the blessing of God: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, go with you and remain with you now and always.

Fr. Curtis+

Monday, November 16, 2015

St. Stephen's Holly Fair, November 20 & 21

Our annual fair and fundraiser takes place on Friday, November 20, 4-7 PM and Saturday the 21st, 9 AM-2 PM.

Scroll down for the full list of Silent Auction items available.

Here's a selection of items available for sale or Silent Auction:

Handmade birch wood decorations



Luxury bath basket

Seasonal wall hangings

Vine wreaths

Jams & jellies
Saturday, November 21, 2015   
1    Cavalier Amazonas Riding Boots   Tall Black Size 6 1/2 W
2    Pewter toned Revolving Picture Frame with Pewter Candlesticks
3    Basket of Glass Chandelier Crystals for Tree Decorating
4    Set of 8 Miracle Blade III Knives with Juicer
5    Alfred Meakin English Pottery Covered Butter Dish  with Homer Laughlin 1920' 's Covered Vegetable Dish
6    Vintage Candy Carolers with Cardboard Houses
7    Japanese Lusterware Tea/Luncheon Set  Service for 4 with Teapot and Creamer - Blue/Gold  
8    Collection:  Silver Metal Jeweled Tree, with Two Crystal Star Candle Holders w/candles, on a 13" Brown Wood Tone Tray
9    Authentic Greek Fisherman's Cap, Black/White Plaid Italian Lambs wool Scarf, and Alpaca Black/Gray Socks
10    The Gallery' by Shelley McVittie Ltd. Edition Print w/Cert of Authenticity  Value $225
11    Black Metal one sided Scottish Terrier Dog Statue -15" high
12     Hand Painted Rectangle Square Pink / multicolor Silk Scarf with  Tie
13    Johanna Bashford Enchanted Forest An Inky Quest  Coloring Book
14    Ruby Red Glass Saucer coupled with Cranberry Blown Glass 4.5" Pitcher with Clear Glass Handle
15    Ceramic Nativity with wood base
16    Vlaolimir - Paris 68 Marked  Oil Painting of Man
17    Pink and Blue Multicolored Tube Polyester Winter Scarf with Long Navy Blue Knitted Gloves
18    Country Eggs Wreath - Swiss Techniques to Preserve Dried Herbs on Eggs
19    Nao by Llardo Lady with Bird Statue  (Value $45 Ebay)
20    Zanolli Christmas Tree Ceramic 12" Plate (hand panted in Italy)  with Resin Snowman with Water Globe  in Stomach
21    Vintage Large Lamp Post Candle With Three Wax Snowmen Candles
22    1978  Asle Tä, Sweden Homes Wood Framed Pen and Ink Picture
23    1934 Classic Collectors Edition Radio
24    Sharper Image CD Stereo
25    Two - Two Hour Tubing Tickets to Gunstock
26    Boise System - 5 pieces plus electronic wires
27    Three Piece Fireplace Tools with Extra Heavy Duty Long Black Suede Fireplace Gloves  
28    Enameled Asian Village Picture
29    Three Strand Serpentine Gold Necklace
30    Snowman Keepsake Glass Container with Green Stoned and Gold Pierced Earrings
31    7" 24K Gold Serpentine Someone /Special Reversible Ladies Bracelet
32    Couto Gold Stone and Brass Broach
33    Gold tone Wide Bangle Bracelet
34    Small Gold Benchmark Quartz Table clock
35    Maroon Leather Travel Jewelry Case with Gold Covered Neck Pendant
36    Gold tone Wide Necklace
37    Gold Cuff Links
38    Gold tone Ring Necklace
39    Becora Time Wear  Watch with Interchangeable Bands
40    Gold tone '1928' Locket Necklace
41    Silver Link Ladies Bracelet  7.5"
42    Metal Flower Stick Pin
43    Orange and Gold Bracelet from India
44    Royal Blue Beaded Necklace
45    Liz Clarborne Blue/Tan/Ruby Stoned Necklace with Ruby Earrings
46    Copper Colored Beaded Necklace
47    Small Gold Toned Bracelet with Rhinestones
48    24k Gold electroplated Ram's Head Pendant from Metropolitan Museum
49    Small snowman necklace
50    Snowman Pin with earrings
51    Silver Angel Pin
52    Leaf Pattern with Colored Stones Pin
53    Lady with an Umbrella Pin in gold tone
54    Pewter horse pin
55    Set of two Blue and Clear Stone Pins
56    Clear Stone Square Pin
57    Green Stone Angel Tie Tack Pin
58    Silver and Clear Cat Face Pin
59    Black Cat Leather Pin
60    Floral Ceramic Lamp with White Octagon Silk Shade  23" tall
61    Welcome Cross Stitched Christmas Picture
62    Helen Haye Brooks (1915-1987) "Seascape" in Oil    $130 value (min $100?)
63    Gold/Copper Nativity
64    Thomas Kinkade "Evening Rehearsal Violin Player" and "The Message of Christmas is Peace" Ornaments
65    Noritke 'Rowena' China - Service for Six
66    Vintage Glass Oil Lamp
67    Three Boyd Bears in blue outfits
68    Sitting Angel Bear Ornament
69    Hess Toy Truck with Space Shuttle  1999 with Two Madam Alexander Miniature Dolls - Lady Bug and It's Raining
70    Two Holiday Tablecloths: Green 60" X 120" and Ruby Red 58" x115"
71    Wine Collection:   Clay Wine Cooler, Two Green Wine Glasses,  Cheese & Cracker Serving Trays, Candle, and Xmas Wine Sack
72    Ceramic Sleigh with Family & Gifts Music Box   'Joy to the World" with Two Stocking Hangers and Ornament
73    Pottery Yarn Dish, with yarn and knitting needles
74    White Ceramic 12" Round "Ribbon" Plate  with Round Copper Glazed Ceramic Bowl and Wood Skater
75    Vintage Metal Electric Fan
76    Bird Collection:  Set of 6 Clear Glass 8" Plates with bird etched In centers; Set of Four Cork Back, Duck Print Place Mats by English Life; and LLBean Loon Tree Ornament and  Gail B. Coris New England Birds Ornament
77    Tigger - Animated Christmas Figure
78    "Gaily Sharing Vintage Times" 1978 'Love's Harmony 9" Gorham Fine China Bell" Series selection 
79    1972 Winter "Downhill Daring"  (Four Seasons Series for 1949) Limited in Edition Fine Gorham China 10 1/2" Collector  Plate
80    Norman Rockwell  Ornament Collection:  1984 "Chilling Chore" Christmas Ornament; 1981 "Gay Blades" Christmas Ornament; and Charles Dickens 1934 Series "God Bless Us Everyone" Christmas Ornament
81    Lady Collection:  Maroon Calvin Klein Happy Holidays Pajamas Set, Size Small; Greg Ladies Slippers Size 7-8; and a Ruya velvet burber throw 50"x 60"
82    George Washington Choice Bedspread with Certificate of Ownership
83    Table Decoration - Tree with Bears and Ornaments
84    Hand Crochet Throw - Blue with Maroon
85    Wood Art Golfer
86    Rectangle Basket of Bath Products with "Blossom Time" Royal Albert China Soap Dish
87    Small Wooden Salad Bowl with Three Small Boyd Bears in a Nantucket Basket
88    Spiritual Direction Gift Certificate with Purple Stained Glass Cross on Wood Holder and Purple Ribbon Candle   $60 Value
89    Vintage Book Collection with antique iron w/o handle
90    $100 Gift Card to Hannaford's
91    Gift Certificate to Suncook Valley Chiropractic for Initial and Follow-up Visit  $110 Value
92    Brown Stoneware Casserole Dish with Slow Cooker, Casseroles & More Cookbook
93    Family Game Collection
94    Seafoam Green Knit Shawl
95    Indigo Moon Ladies Jacket   Size XL
96    Denmark Fajance  Service for 6 Soup Bowls, Cups, Saucers, and salt and pepper
97    Solid Brass Candle Holder 7.5" tall with Heart Shaped Brass Candle and candles
98    Hopscotch Hotch Potch figure,  Posture master cards, a coloring book (adult or older child) based on the 18th century alphabet cards, a Christmas ornament
99    Set of two Green/Blue Cloisonné vases with White Ceramic Oblong Tray
100    Rectangle Longaberger Basket with Cloth Lining
101    Dark Beige 62 x 76 Lace Table Cloth
102    Fruit Tile Insert Wooden Tray with Gold Pottery Mug; Covered Bedside Water Jug and Gold Candle in Small Vase
103    Lenox Pink Bowl
104    Anna Anderson Porcelain Doll in Red Coat/Dress and Hat
105    Soup Collection:  Two Blue/Beige/Tan Soup Mugs with Soup A Way of Life by Barbara Kafka Cook Book and Two Soup Mixes in a basket
106    Green/Rose Quilted Hanger/Table Scarf - 30" Square
107    Wood and Ceramic Nativity
108    Brown Multicolor Hand Braided Rug by Joe Knox
109    Basket of Scrapbooking materials
110    Two Thumb Backed Chairs
111    Martha the 'Bag Lady'
112    Vintage Dark Wood Bench with maroon cover on seat
113    Collection:  Wooden Curio Shelf with Heart Cutout  28" with  Six Small Coat Hangers
114    Set of Three Animal Material Pillows (Tan/Black)
115    Ladies Black Lace Shawl with Broach
116    White Cone Christmas Wall Hanging with Red Ribbon and Balls
117    Mid Century Snow Sled - Parish Mfg. Co. #150
118    Birch Deer Family Lawn Ornaments
119    Poinsettia Table Christmas Decoration on White Birch Log
Raffle    Christmas Animated "Pet Me and I Purr"  Lady Knitting/Cat on Pillow display

Thanks to everyone who contributed handiwork, helped with set-up, volunteered to bake, and clean-up helpers!