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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Annual Meeting 2013

It was cold outside, but at St. Stephen's warmth and welcome and spicy food abounded at the Annual Meeting!

The Rector's letter, Senior Warden's letter, and Team reports will be posted on the website, but here are some highlights:

  • Pledging is up 14%
  • Our 2013 budget is balanced
  • 2012 Parish fundraiser net receipts total $8000 (mostly earmarked for Outreach)
  • Planning is well underway for our 150th Anniversary celebration on Pentecost
  • An extensive list of volunteer ministry opportunties has been created
  • Adult Education and Book Study will focus on faith life and prayer
  • Long-time Vestry members or officers or fundraiser chairs can "retire" because others step up or agree to take on new roles
  • Exterior maintenance delayed in 2012 will be fast-traccked, to spruce up for our 150th celebration
  • We know how to put on a terrific potluck meal!

    Some photos:

    Reviewing the budget

    A balanced budget makes Barbara smile!

    George presents news from Outreach

    Fr. Curtis shares thoughts on our parish life, and reports that Steve has been invited to proceed with his discernment year.

    The Senior Warden shows off our new outdoor sign, to be planted in front of the church--on Main Street.

    Thanks to all for the delicious food and the good work throughout 2012, and the commitments for 2013--our 150th year!