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Sunday, October 26, 2008

UTO In-Gathering

Thanks to all who contributed!

And thanks to Yvonne for the lovely photo!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Autumn Frost

Spotted along the front walkway...

Michael shows the 2nd place medal he won at the Special Olympics!

Our Sunday School has started. One of today's activities:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Celebration of New Ministry

This evening the relationship between the people of St. Stephen's and Fr. Curtis Metzger was made official. We have our new Rector!

Bishop Robinson greets the congregation at the start of the service.

Junior Warden Dave Cummings and Senior Warden Chris Porter present Fr. Curtis to the Bishop as worthy of becoming our Rector.

The choir sings a special anthem, "All Are Welcome" in honor of Fr. Curtis.

Fr. Curtis during the anthem.

One of many gifts given to Fr. Curtis as representations of his ministry among us--his very own prayer shawl knitted by Marylee Johnson.

Fr. Curtis shows his shawl to Doug.

Another gift, from the children of the parish--a stole, their own "handiwork"! Fr. Curtis couldn't wait to wear it for the first time!

Keith at the organ.

All smiles after the service.

The Senior Warden with the Minister of Ceremonies, The Rev. Canon Charles LaFond.

A delicious supper was served in the Undercroft.

During his time with us the Bishop blessed our new roof cross. It was created from Spanish cedar by George Booth and Chris Noyes, and painted by Fayth Noyes.

On his way out, the Bishop pauses to tease Joe Knox.

A sweet--and bittersweet--element of celebration on the dessert table. Elvia Hetu was famous for the lemon squares and other treats she provided for breakfasts, bake sales, and picnics. Using the recipe, Marion Knox baked Elvia's lemon squares (they were delicious!) Even more amazing, we still had in the freezer a batch of chocolate chip cookies Elvia baked for the Old Home Day celebration that occurred days after her untimely passing. The perfect occasion to serve those cookies--she was able to contribute to Fr. Curtis's celebration! Thank you, Elvia.