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Sunday, September 11, 2016

Sundae Sunday!

After carefully listening to feedback from various members of the parish and seeking a means to accommodate the most people for our end of the summer gathering, we are trying a “new” family friendly event for this year's parish picnic: Sundae Sunday. After today's service a “Sundae Smorgasbord” was presented--tables filled with ice creams, fresh fruit, toppings of all kinds and beverages.  It was a “make your own” extravaganza, with contests and prizes.

Self-serve ice cream
Lots of extras!
Contest categories

The prizes
Root beer float & ice cream sundae
Sr. Warden Katie writes down the guesses for M&Ms
The Answer: 751. Two winners!
Adult coloring!
Congratulations to prize winners Frank, Julie, Rick, Chris, Carol, & Dan!
Special thanks to Sabra & Dan & Lucinda!