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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Palm Sunday with the Bishop

We were delighted to have a visitation from the Bishop on this Palm Sunday.

Blessing of the Palms.

After the Bishop's homily we had a group reading of the Story of the Passion, in which many parishioners participated.

Nine individuals were confirmed or received into the Episcopal church today. Welcome and congratulations to Wes & Katie, Joe & Rita & Ben, Fayth, Carole, Steve & Tanisha.

The recessional.

A reception took place in the Undercroft after the service. Baby James was a popular attendee.

We all know Fr. Curtis likes giving fun and silly presents...he gave the Bishop something that amused us all.

A purple Episco-pillow!

Thanks to everyone who provided food and drink and fun and fellowship as we enter this Holy Week.