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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blue Jeans Sunday: Outdoor Clean-up

Lots of helpful hands participated in the spring clean-up of the church grounds. Thanks to Daniel Welch for the photos!

A message from Sabra:

Thanks to the weeders, pruners, tree trimmers, bush whackers, planters, and stump haulers for all your hard work on Sunday. We have replanted and refurbished the garden know to the town of Pittsfield as Mount St. Stephen’s. With some additional plantings and TLC, it will look spectacular. Special thanks to Ursula Allen for most of the items we planted including hosta, lupine, heart’s ease (also known as Johnny jump up), and lilac. We also put in bearberry to help with soil retention along the bank. Hope everyone enjoyed the lunch and the homemade lemonade.

Many thanks to Cackleberries of Meredith where we purchased the bearberry. They were great healthy plants. Laurie, the owner, gave us planting tips to ensure that our plants would do well. We appreciate her assistance.